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Petsfit Weatherproof Wooden Kennels for Small Medium Dogs Large Dogs Outdoor Kennel with Raised Legs

Price: $184.99

Product Description

Warm Outdoor Pet House

About the wood

The walls of the panels are 12 mm thick. The Petsfit pet house is made of cedar, this type of wood is anti-rot material, but it will split if transported improperly. The houses are stable once installed. (HOWEVER, if you have a chewing and destructive pet, this is not the house for you.) The wood would last at least 3 years outdoors (tested).

About the size

Dimensions will be marked as specific as possible on all of our products, error may occur, measurement error within 1 inch. We test pet products with our own pet, Lab mix 45LBS. The estimate may be inaccurate. Please compare its size with the kennel, carrier or house you have and choose the right size.

Something else we need to clarify

The ground floor :
the slats are not stuck together for easier cleaning and better ventilation for hot days, please put a blanket, pillow or heating mat inside the house for cold days.

The painting:
We paint the entire outdoor pet house with water based paint, it is safe for pets and won’t chip, won’t need anything to protect it from water.

Pre-drilled holes:
We have pre-drilled holes for all of our wood products, it’s easy to install in just a few steps.

Size Large: 39.4″L x 25″W x 25.8″H Medium: 34.5″L x 21.5″W x 21.5″H Small: 28″L x 17.9″W x 16.5″ H 33″L x 25″W x 23″H 53″ L x 25″W x 28″H Color Gray Gray Gray Gray+White Gray+White Size S: 24″Lx18″Wx17″H; M: 30″Lx20″Wx19″H; L: 36″Lx24″Wx23″H; XL: 42″Lx28″Wx28″HM: 27″Lx18″Wx22″H; L: 31″Lx20″Wx25″HM: 27″Lx18″Wx22″H; L: 31″Lx20″Wx25″H 30″Lx19″Wx21″H; 36″Lx23″Wx25″H; 42″Lx28″Wx30″H 31″L x 21″W x 26″H Color Green Gray + lime green trim Gray/Brown Black(One door)/Gray(Two doors) Gray

怐Durable construction and easy assembly怑100% finnish spruce board, thicker than others. Made with stainless steel hardware and strong asphalt shingles, the outdoor dog shelter is strong and sturdy for long-lasting protection. It has pre-drilled holes for quick mounting. PETSFIT guarantees the quality of our doghouse with a one-year manufacturer.
怐Protective Design and Open Roof with High Quality Air Braces怑 The log cabin design with a sloped asphalt roof and door flap provides protection from the elements and keeps the doghouse comfortable and dry. And the sunroof provides easy access to clean and ventilate the interior to maintain a hygienic niche. You can put blankets/bedding in it in winter to keep them warm. Or you can also purchase the PETSFIT Dog House Insulation Kit.
怐Removable floor with additional support rails, more sturdy and easy cleaning怑The outdoor dog house is equipped with a removable floor, convenient for cleaning. And EXTRA SUPPORT RAILS on the bottom as well to hold pets inside better. It is a safer and more comfortable pet shelter for your lovely pets.
怐Raised Floor with Adjustable Legs Increases Ventilation and Keeps Your Pet Dry怑For added weather protection, the raised floor provides excellent air circulation and a dry surface for your dog. An adjustable leg is fitted to create a level platform.

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