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Mini Washing Machine, 10L Foldable Laundry Tub USB Powered Portable Ultrasonic Turbine Washer by for Socks Underwear, Automatic Folding Clothes Washer Tub

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🔔Warm Tips:

1.The mini washing machine needs to use an adapter above 5V 2A. 2.The mini washing machine is designed in a single-person style, suitable for personal laundry capacity, suitable for 1 kg laundry capacity, please wash in batches if you have more clothes.The provided filter needs to be installed by yourself
3. The small washing machines are mainly used for washing small items and therefore do not have a dryer function.
4. When the turbo washing machine is rotating, please do not touch the fan blades of the turbo to avoid accidents.
5. Do not dip the USB power plug into water or other liquids to avoid short circuit and burn components.
6.When the portable washing machines is working, do not stay away from people. After washing, please unplug the power outlet immediately.

Features of the mini washing machines:

✔️Foldable Laundry Tub which is upgraded 24W ultrasonic high frequency cavitation
✔️Portable foldable washing machine
✔️Intelligent interactive switching: After the pulsator works for 6 minutes, it exchanges for 2 minutes of ultrasonic work.
✔️Anti-winding technology: the washing machine will start ultrasonic work after being wound up and down 4 times.
✔️Forward and backward interaction: After the wave wheel rotates forward for 20 seconds, it is switched to reverse installation for 20 seconds.
✔️Timed shutdown protection: The washing machine works for over 40 minutes, and the shutdown program is automatically protected.

🧦Specifications of ultrasonic turbine washer:

– Casing Material: ABS
– Material of the bucket: PP+TPE
– Power Supply: USB
– Input Voltage: DC 5V
– Output Voltage: DC 12V
– Output Power: 24W


1 * Mini washing machine
1 * Foldable laundry bin
1* Plastic Filter
1 * User manual
4 * Small Suction Cup
1 * USB cable

👕【After-Sales Service】We are always dedicated to providing the best services to every buyer and providing the 24-month warranty doesn’t make you worry. Click the seller’s name “GPA-US”, then click “Ask questions” on the right side of the page. Login to your Amazon account> select “your orders”> find your order number> click “contact seller”.We will help you
🩳【Upgraded 24W Ultrasonic Cleaning】The mini washing machine compared to other 6w mini washing machine, our ultrasonic turbine washer upgraded with 24W power supply. The washing machine will be converted into a 2-minute ultrasonic operation after 5-minute pulsator work, which can bear the weight of 1KG of clothing. Note: Please use an adapter above 5V 2A.
👖【10L Portable Foldable Laundry Tub】Our mini washing machine with a capacity of 10 litersis designed with a wall-mounted small body that does not take up space and is easy to store away. The machine is foldable, can easily be put in a suitcase, and is very suitable for traveling.
🧦【Wide Applications】Portable washing machine is convenient to use, suitable for underwear, socks, towels.Not suitable for large clothes such as T-shirts, sweater ,coat etc and launtry capacity can not over 1KG. Our mini washing machine is perfect for use in camping, apartments, dorms, RV and trips.
👕【USB Power Supply】The small washing machine is supplied with power via a USB connection and runs automatically when it is switched on. Suitable for buckets and basins in any scenario, plug and play. And switches itself off regularly when over 40 minutes of running time to ensure your safety

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